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Welcome everyone We are an alternate One Piece RP site and invite you all to join the fun :D


 Rules of the Forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum   Rules of the Forum EmptyTue Jun 12, 2012 3:04 am

~General Rules~

Also could everyone please ensure to minimise the references to the actual anime/manga as this is an ALTERNATE RP site

1. No god moding or Auto hitting unless it is allowed by an Admin or Moderator

2. Use common sence. i.e. it is prety difficult for a trainee to hit a master

3. Dont claim something you do not have or cannot have obtained

4. Remember to use () and OOC when necessary

5. Do not Ignore a hit or a mod or admin shall deem it an auto hit

6. Do not use an attack your not capable of yet. this shall be voided

When a toppic is active there will be a 48 hour waiting period within that toppic for the next person to post, after which the next person in the posting order will be permitted to over post if they so desire

The same rule apply's for battle toppics. If you do not post within a 48hour period then you may become victim to an Auto-Hit which will often result in the loss of a life (You have 3)

However if the person who is suposed to post next is away from the forum for a period of time longer than 48 hours (i.e if you are away on hoilday or something like that) then inform other members of this so you do not get Auto-Hit.

Inactive characters:
If you have not used your character within the space of 2 weeks - 1 month (depending as unforseen circumstances may arise) then your character will be deamed Inactive. this will mean that your title will be taken away from the character (i.e. a captain, lieutenant, ranked marine, etc) leaving the rank and position open to others who wish to take the position.
However if the position is not taken then the origional holder of that position/rank will be free to re-claim it

We shall work on the basis of one character = one battle toppic.

your character will be able to take part in a non battle toppic, training toppic or observation toppic at the same time.

However new abilities/items/etc will not be able to be transfered to the current fight you are participating in.

~Character Rules~

Characters that have been started and have not been progressed further within a period of 2 weeks shall recieve an automatioc denial
(however if you have posted that you shall be away for a period of time your app shall be left open untill your return Very Happy )

While making your character take into consideration if your abilities seem over powered or not.

If they are deamed over powered then you will be asked to edit them, and they will not be approved untill the changes have been made

Each person may have one character for their account.

The character will require an approval from at least 1 admin and 1 moderator

Once approved a character will not be able to be contested except by the Head Admin. If a problem is found with a character app PM myself and i shall see what can be sorted to iron out any problems that may arise. This will hopefully solve any problems that may arise and overcome any tension as a result

All fields must be filled in, in full for your characters rank
If you have fields that are to be filled in the character will not be approved untill it is filled in. If a character is approved with fields not filled in then the approval will be deamed VOID

If your character has not been in RP for some time and essentially inactive they will be moved from approved to inactive. this will also result in the loss of the characters rank
This will be 2 weeks for ranked characters

All Character apps must also be within the restrictions stated in the templates. This is in place to ensure an even playing field for everyone to have a 'fighting' chance

~Banned Abilities~

1. Absorbtion
it is quite a pain having your abilities absorbed and can leave the absorber majourly overpowered.

2. Time
Quite simpally this is a no as it can be overpowered to the point of being rediclous. This also includes ageing abilities.
This Ability is banned to heavily restricted

3. Death
The power over life and death is strictly prohibited. i.e He drew an 'X' causing death to come to everything within a mile. Its overpowered and will be rejected

4. Extream
Like heat, your abilities cannot be as hot as the sun or as cold as absolute zero it just isnt possible. volcano and ice yes that is OK but nothing extreme

5. Hypnosis
This is force play and therefore is not allowed

6. Space/time banned to heavily restricted with a VERY good explenation

7. Gravity: restricted we dont want people go around making black holes sucking up whole cities

Your character may participate in a maximum of two toppics at the same time.
One of the toppics may be a battle/fight toppic
The other toppic may be a non battle/fight toppic. Alternativly your character can participate in 2 non battle/fight toppics if you are not participating in a battle toppic

If you enter a toppic and do not post causing others to wait your posts may be voided and deleted.
As think about it if you were waiting for someone to post (without putting up an away thread) and it took them a long time you would also get pretty frustated

Sending advertisements theough the Private message system is absoutly unacceptable and will result in:
1) The access to PM being revoked by the member
2) Ther users account to be banned

There is an advertising section for the promotion of other sites.
The section is guest friendly and if yours is also guest friendly then we shall link back.
Requests to affiliate can also be made in this section and the button will be coded into our 'Affiliates' section
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Rules of the Forum
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