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 my character creation

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Doragon no musuko

Doragon no musuko

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PostSubject: my character creation   my character creation EmptyWed Sep 12, 2012 1:33 am

Basic Information[/b]

Doragon no musuko
Nickname/Alias: dragon doctor

Age: 28
Gender: male
Race: Human

Height: 2 m 25 cm
Weight: 80 Kg

Rank: Freelancer

Personal Information
Vessel: Sailor boat
Hometown: Cave Island, East blue

Physical Description: Strong, long legs, long arms, normal head, Red eye’s, a big scar that go’s across my face from the left upper part of my face to my lower right side of my face, black spike hair and no blind eye

Clothing: a coat with a flame dragon on it, a pair of army shoes, a t-shirt with a dragon on it and pants made of jeans that goes to my knees

Picture:my character creation AnimeGuy9vampire

Personality: Doragon no musuko is kind, friendly, loyal, animal friend, honest, respectable, experimenting, truthfully, a little bit sadistic to the people who deserved it, likes to learn, religious, fair, a huntsman (hunt only for food and if it is needed), open minded, [How your character acts. Be descriptive here]

Likes: the colors of the sea because it is his favorite collor, the smell of the sea because it is the smels like freedom, the feeling of air trough his hair because he lived in the mountains, shadows on a warm day, fruit what taste good with thea, books (who doesn't?), he appreciates life, friends, animals, nice weather, snow to play in or to make a snow man, music, his ring because it is his lucky charm, being with friends and people he like, knowing the truth

Dislikes: seeing a bloodbath it make him sick, seeing treason because that is the lowest thing anyone can doe, being charged of something he doesn’t did, being left alone, when snow melts and his snowman melts away, being fooled and tricked

History: The first thing he remember was the orphan house where he grew up, the owners of the orphan house took care of me, they told me when he was 10 that my parents were murdered by world government because they found out that my parents knew secrets that the world government didn’t want to it got discovered. When he heard that he ran into the caves that were safe to me. He ran until he came to the center of the islands, the center of the island is a maze of tunnels of caves, everything is connected, he was one of the few who knew the entire maze. He knew all the entrances and exits of the maze, and in the center of it was the top of the mountain was a place where there was a forest that was sacred to the people of the country. Because there lived elderdragons in that forest, but friendly ones. He won the trust of the elderdragons because he was an out cased from my people. They took care of my when he needed a paw to cry on, or there was something on my mind. After a couple of years He became 16, and for my birthday the orphan house gave me a book with all the devil fruits in it. When he finished the book he went to the elderdragons for advice. But when he came there they looked happy at me. They didn’t forget my birthday and gave me a box they found on their flight on sea for food. The elder one told me That the weapons in it were made from the hardest Iron and dragonscales. The weapons were a scythe and a sickle . He was so happy of it that he promised them to take care of it and use it for good and not evil. They trained me in the arts of fighting. When he was 19 he went to a school for becoming doctors, the elderdragons told that it would be okay to become doctor, if he can control myself and didn’t go wild when he saw blood. 4 years later he came back to the elderdragons, but then he discovered they were almost all of them killed or capture. They left me a note of who attack them and that the survivors went to. So he began my search of them. The people who attack them were the same persons who killed my parents. The secret they discovered were the elderdragons. Hidden a long time almost 800 years. They created the cave island. And When he was searching for the murders he worked in different hospitals. And so he began my experiments for my two weapons and medicine by experimenting on people. After 2 years he found suspects of the murder form y parents and my friends. he tortured them but before they gave me the answers my questions they committed suicide. And for that he am hunted from thereof by their bosses. That conformed what he was thinking. My friends and parents were murdered and captured by a part of the government. On my journey he found a deserted island where he stayed a few weeks. he was thinking what he should do next and how he should do it. When he thought who are my grandparents, and are they still alive. When he went back on my journey he was searching for answers. That took me to a village somewhere in the East Blue. When he searched the archives after my parents, he found a little bit of information. They were married on their 23 years. They had one child, Doragon no musuko. My father worked as a psychological, and my mother was a nurse. They were found dead in their house and their child went missing. When he searched for any related ones he found out that the most died or lived in the
South- and West blue. he found the last will of my parents and he was happy that they always loved my and wish me luck to find the killers of them. And so he went to sea to find the murderers. When he was trying to escape a hurricane, He found a large wooden box. When He opened it he found a dog with a letter with it. On the letter there was ridden on it. “Take care for the dog. But be aware for it.” When it woke up it was afraid of him and at the same time trying to attack me. After a while he could calm down the dog. Then He began to speak to it in the langue of dragons. The dog was surprised of it and it told me his name was Ace. He also told me his secret. He ate when he was a pup a devil fruit the fire fire fruit. So he could turn into fire. He found it great and Ace was a loyal dog and friend to me. Until today only me, ace and a few elderdragons of them knew his and ace ability’s. No living person knows our secrets.

Extra Information
Extra Clothing: a cape with a dragon on it, his lucky ring with a phoenix on it
Extra Weapons: A small dagger under my ring

Relationships: non

Rp Sample: Doragon no musuko walked in a park with his dog Ace, nobody knows him so they thought he was a pirate and avoided him. But the children didn't. They even liked him because he looked cool. His dog was a funny dog they said. But one day pirates attacked the village that he was. And one of the children was wounded by a bullet of the pirates. Anger as the devil he went to the ship and attacked all the people he saw on the ship. He know he musn't kill them but he thougt "maby I can injure them and gice them to the village, so they could give them to the marines and get the reward to repare the village." But luck wasn't on his side one of the children was killed by the pirates. Then he went totally mad he attackt the pirates and the most of them were heavy injured. Some lost a leg and some a arm. When he calm down he went to the village and nocked on the door of the villagechief. He told the chief what happend and that he would pay for the funeral of the child. After all that he told the village that the piratesbounty price was for them. But they must hold contact with him. Then he set sail to Louge Town

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PostSubject: Re: my character creation   my character creation EmptyWed Oct 03, 2012 1:58 pm

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my character creation
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