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 Bumper "jack rabbit"

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PostSubject: Bumper "jack rabbit"   Bumper "jack rabbit" EmptyThu Sep 20, 2012 12:44 am

Basic Information


"Jack Rabbit"




6 ft
12 stone


Personal Information


Grand Line, Drum Island

Physical Description:
Bumper stands at the full height of 6ft tall not including his ears and weighs 12 stone his body is furry from head to toe and he has black eyes which always look as if they are filled with anger. He wears a black rubber inner tube with a pirate jolly roger painted on it. His fur is grey and paws are all white. His body is strong and he has small claws on each one of his paws.


Bumper dislikes humans and enjoys spending time alone as he doesn't want to be viewed as a freak or weak, he wants to be accepted by his family and friends. Bumper prefers cold weather and doesn't like water as he can't swim. Bumper doesn't understand the human mind or language well but understands the simpler things that humans speak about and do but he doesn't know anything too complex. Bumper likes listening to music and reading as it helps him forget about his own problems and makes him feel more comfortable as then he doesn't have to deal with humans and doesn't leave him in solitary silent place. Bumper acts like that of a teenagers due to his slight understanding of humans and their way of life.

Nice people
Being treated like a person
Rude people
Being hungry
Loud noises
Being treated diffferently


Growing up on Drum Island in the Grand Line Bumper was the youngest of his family. Bumper grew up alongside his brothers and sisters in harsh winters of Drum Island. As he grew up they encountered the odd hunter every now and then or human who tried killing them perhaps in self defence or for their own personal gain. Bumper didn't like seeing his mother fighting all of these hunters who they came across and as he grew older and older he eventually saw that his brothers all became stronger than himself and that he was left to be the runt of the litter.

Bumper's family was seen as the strongest in the woods in Drum Island but his mother was left alone looking after the family since Bumper's father had died of old age. Once he had become much older over the years he was finally put in charge of heading out to collect some food for them all and set off to gather his family their food. As he was out gathering some he noticed a human who was out in the wilderness with him. Looking at the human the human turned and waved at him. Ignoring the human partly because he didn't understand him.

As he gathered together some food the human approached Bumper and offered him something that was sweet smelling and hi nose took him towards it. It smelt so good whatever it was and a few seconds later Bumper found himself forgetting all about the job of collecting food and followed this human home. He had enjoyed the food so much he was following his own primal needs and desires. When the man ran out of food Bumper begged for more but the man simply showed him he had no more. He wanted to head back home but turned around to see he had no idea where he was and was actually lost. Looking back up at the man who'd fed him so much food Bumper nuzzled up against the man's leg. Bumper was still a small Lapahn. The man offered Bumper the chance to go home with him and Bumper happily followed.

Following after the man he discovered a whole new world in the man's home. It was incredibly warm and he was a chubby little Lapahn. The man offered to look after Bumper while he was out here. Bumper grew up to the tender age of 12 whilst living with the man who taught him how to talk and even gave him an IQ fruit he had been holding on to. It turned out the man was a biologist of Drum island and had been working on ways to increase the intelligence of animals. He had been asked to discover ways to increase their intelligence for the King's pet tiger. So far he had failed after studying the IQ fruit he had hold of but after being fired by the king for so many failed attempts.

Bumper learnt how to speak a little but nothing too in depth as he spoke to the man who'd taken him in and asked him why he'd taken him in the man replied to Bumper. "I took you in because you looked lost." Bumper was greatly appreciative for the man's help and asked him another question which turned out to be what he'd do now? The man wasn't sure and simply said to Bumper he had hoped to have him as a pet but now he'd become more of a friend and Bumper welled up with tears out of happiness of having made something called a friend.

The man taught Bumper what a friend was and Bumper cried some more. Bumper asked if he could return to the woods to find his family and the man nodded and even walked him out there. As Bumper went out his fur still kept him warm. Entering the woods again he discovered his mother had passed on and understood it. He tried talking to his brothers who had all gone their separate ways and had families but because he was walking on two legs with a human and speaking human language they shunned him. Bumper tried telling them he could help them as he'd learnt many things living with the biologist but they didn't want to hear any of it and simply told him to leave. Bumper left in tears. As the biologist offered to take him back home again and look after him Bumper refused. He wanted to become primal again like his brothers.

Bumper spent that night out side at the top of a hill trying to forget everything he'd learnt but couldn't it was stuck in his damn brain. He raged and screamed all night frightening the people who lived in the town. Bumper was known to be the monster of Drum Island from that night. Every night for months screaming that sounded almost human could be heard alongside that of a bear. Months after the people could no longer sleep or function properly they sent out a party of hunters to slay the beast. Searching for him they discovered Bumper and couldn't identify him due to his physique. Bumper was unlike all of the other Lapahns. He wasn't as chubby and was more slim and muscular. As the hunters arrived Bumper tried fighting them all off digging his claws in but was shot in the shoulder and the thigh.

As he ran from the hunters he found himself running along the docks and diving into the water, the temperature surprised him even with his fur he was cold and he began to discover he couldn't swim. He struggled for help and tried to rise above it but sank under till he finally wrapped hi paws around a black rubber inner tube which managed to support his weight in the water. Pulling himself up and through the inner tube Bumper saw the man who'd tossed him it was the biologist. Swimming back to the docks once he discovered how to propel himself in it Bumper met up with the man and they sat and talked about had happened. The biologist revealed he knew the screams coming from the hills were Bumper and when he heard about hunters going to kill him he tried to stop them but in his older fragile state he couldn't. Bumper apologised to him but was refused acceptance in his promise.

The biologist said to Bumper that he should leave the island as he would forever be discovered as a monster and Bumper nodded. They had one last hug before Bumper was helped aboard a small rowing boat and taught to row by the biologist known as George. As Bumper rowed off and away from Drum Island he cried deeply and kept the black inner tube around his waist in case he fell in the water again.

After a few days at sea rowing Bumper was quickly noticed to be an unusual creature and picked up by a group of circus themed pirates who took him to the North Blue where they opened up a freak show and put Bumper on display. Living amongst the other freaks and animals Bumper tried making a deal with them and even tried escaping but failed with every attempt. He spent the nights crying and the days holding back the tears during his depression. He hated it deeply and held a hatred towards these damn humans. He had only wanted to be accepted but now here he was being refused by his brothers and being refused by humans because he was a Lapahn.

Extra Information
Extra Clothing:

Extra Weapons:


Rp Sample:
Turning to see a group of marines looking at him bumper gulped realising he had some work to do. As he tightened his fists and prepared himself to leap into the air and throw himself into a fight he focused on which of the marines looked the most terrified to even be here facing off against a creature such as himself.
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Bumper "jack rabbit"
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