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 Jomei Michio (Finished)

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Jomei Michio

Jomei Michio

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PostSubject: Jomei Michio (Finished)   Jomei Michio (Finished) EmptyTue Jun 12, 2012 1:51 pm

Basic Information

Name: Jomei Michio
Nickname/Alias: Green Reaper, Soul-Fruit User, (nothing more to add really)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Weight: 249 lbs.
Affiliation: Flame Skull Pirates
Rank: Captain (A, I guess, is the correct term. Correct me if I’m wrong plz.)

Personal Information
Vessel: Sea’s Sabre (Sabre for short)
Hometown: (The town of) Silver Shore

Physical Description: Jomei has a muscular build that doesn’t tend to stand out much unless his shirt’s off or wet. When it is, he appears to have an extremely defined muscle tone. These looks are not just for show, but are proof of his strength and experience in combat of all types. Jomei has a scar that runs down his right pectoral to his left set of abdominals. It is a big scar that appears to have been caused by some form of great sword, and is constantly mistaken for a scar caused by some sort of claw or tooth from a beast. Jomei has a fairly well distributed figure, meaning that his legs aren’t too long, etc. He has bright green eyes and black hair (as seen in avatar picture).

Clothing: Jomei usually wears a white, high-collared vest with a black (unbuttoned) button-up shirt. He also has black cargo shorts with a chain hanging from the side, and a blue ribbon tied around his right shoulder. On his head is white cloth wrapped around like a headband, and has a green skull on its right side. He wears black sandals with a boot-like bottom/soul.

[img]Jomei Michio (Finished) Ilawer10[/img]

Personality : Jomei Michio is an individual who comes off as happier and more carefree than most others. He always has a smile ready for his crew and newcomers that are eager to join. As for rules on his ship, there are only two:
(2) SURVIVE!!!
One of the frequent sayings (and methods) on his ship is “Authority is reserved for those that prove themselves worthy”. It is exactly as it sounds, anyone who wants to be promoted to a higher position must battle the person occupying that position. If the challenger wins, he/she is promoted. If he/she loses, they keep their rank that they had before, but the higher-ranked officer who won must train the loser in his/her own way (no cruel punishment, only cruel workouts Very Happy). Jomei has lived his life trying to live up to the promises he made to his friends since he was a child, he never breaks any no matter what. It doesn’t matter how long it might take or how hard It is, if he makes a promise, he’ll keep it. During battle, Jomei’s Devil Fruit abilities give him an ecstatic sort of reaction during battle that will make him seem more hostile than usual, so don’t get him angry before a fight thinking he’ll be the same carefree person!

Cool swords
Nice ships
Hanging out on the mast beams
A good fight

Waking up early
Forced involuntarily into fights
Impatient enemies
Nakama complaining about difficulty
Swallowing ocean water (accidentally of course, he’s not that crazy…)


Jomei Michio was Born in the oceanside town of Silver Shore after his older brother, Akira Michio, was born. Jomei always looked up to his strong and respected brother, who always lent a helping hand to others in need. When Jomei turned 7 years old, his island was caught in a crossfire between Pirates and the Navy. These Pirates were extremely powerful, so one of the three Navy Generals arrived at the scene. The destruction that ensued completely engulfed the island and its innocent inhabitants, killing Jomei and Akira's mother and father. To escape, the children took an abandoned raft out to sea, just barely avoiding the Pirate's notice.

After weeks adrift and little water left, Jomei and Akira were found by another pirate crew that happened to run into them. The two children qickly realized that not all pirates were bad or evil because of the crew's hospitality and playful atmosphere. The Captain of the ship, Jackson Grey (The Grey Pirates, Captain Grey) took in the children and introduced them to a pirate's life. One day, the ship was attacked by a rival pirate crew during a heavy storm. Being forced to part ways in the storm, Jomei was ripped away from his brother.

Jomei's group landed on a wild, unexplored island and constantly struggled to survive against the incredibly dangerous and hostile beasts lurking about the island. They were so strong, that even the Second-in-Command who used Haki was barely able to fend off the animals. The crew had to quickly adapt and grow with the new and intense environment, and the one who always helped was Jomei. He would constantly throw himself out in a dangerous situation against the monsters so that the others escaped. Bt he never just ran, Jomei constantly fought with the terrifying monsters, resulting in an incredibly fast growth in strength and skyrocketing physical maturity. Eventually, Jomei grew powerful enough to surpass the Second-in-Command without using any Haki whatsoever.

Jomei was now 17, and had spent 8 gruesome years on the island, although, he managed to tame almost every beast on the island to the crew's amazament. One day, Jomei discovered ancient ruins on the island that appeared to guard something hidden inside. After further exploration, he came across an odd looking fruit that emitted a strong and powerful aura. Jomei took the fruit, still unaware that it was a devilfruit, and headed back to his crew's camp. What happened next could only be considered pure fate.

A Navy ship had happened to land on the strange island and had started to rescue the crew until they found out they were pirates. They fought together intensely, but the Navy had a high-ranking official with them, and they ended up overpowering the crew. Jomei had heard the commotion from miles away, and had summoned one of the tamed beasts to fly him there. More animals followed him on ground and in the air as he headed to protect his friends once again. Once he arrived, there was a silent awe that traveled through both sides as Jomei stood with an army of giant monsters behind him, and a radiating devilfruit in his hands.

One of the Navy officers shouted out orders to "Capture the pirate and retrieve the devilfruit". Jomei finally recalled a childhood story his parents had told him about devilfruits and their users, and fought the whole crew ferociously to save his friends and secure the devilfruit, knowing that the Navy would use it to kill them. After a vicious battle with the infantry and officials, the highly ranked Captain now remained as the beasts stayed on standby because of orders from Jomei. He and the Captain fought, and their battle shook the earth and made the beasts flinch while Jomei's crewmates watched and cheered him on through thick and thin.

Eventually, the Captain proved to be too much for Jomei, who had already fought his whole crew and officers. He then went to his last resort, the only option he saw left: consume the devilfruit. After doing so, a tidal wave of power burst forth from Jomei, who was now transforming into Legion, the being made from the combined souls of Jomei and an powerful ancient warrior's soul named Artix. Soon, the Captain realized just how much danger he, and even Jomei's crew was, as he discovered the fruit eaten was a Logia type.

The figure that stood before everyone now was a reaper-like warrior clad in green armor and weilding a disturbing and ominous scythe. After a single stroke of the weapon, a greenish-black shockwave burst forth out of no where and launched the Captain into the deep forest of the island miles away. After that, no one has ever seen the Captain again. Now commandeering the Navy ship, Jomei and the crew sailed to the nearest island, where they would part ways and return to concerned families. Jomei decided to break off and start his own pirate crew, the Flame Skull Pirates, and search for his missing brother. After many explorations, Jomei became the owner of the ship "Sea's Sabre" and set off for different islands to recruit members into his crew.

Extra Information
Extra Clothing: Sometimes may wear an open dark green vest with his black shorts.
Extra Weapons: Jomei has nothing but his own two fists to defend him when he goes into battle without his Devil Fruit powers activated.

Relationships: Jomei isn't the type of guy that would just fly around town flirting left and right. His first love is the sea, and second is his friends (the crew counts as his friends, no matter how nasty you are). He hasn't had any real time to get into a relationship, and he figures he will just see if one happens to come along on his adventures. As for family, Jomei has only his older brother Akira Michio.

Rp Sample: mage you know how I RP Laughing, although, if anyone else happens to want an example, I have another account on named Tenshi Akuma. You can choose from one of the 336 posts Razz.

Special Skills

Name: Blast Cannon

Description: This is, so far, Jomei's only variation of Legion's powers. Legion can focus his burst powers (described below) into a narrow pathway aimed at wherever Legion chooses. When he channels the burst power through to certain extent, Legion closes his hands in a somewhat claw-like position. He turns to face his right and puts his tensed hands in front of his chest. Upon doing this, the clear (looks like it's filled with distorting heat waves) tunnel of energy collapses into a thin point and then seems to disappear. During this time, Legion is still able to adjust his aim. He then twists his body and throws his arms out as a giant beam of green energy lined with black flames and distortion shoots forewards from whever he aimed at. While Legion is firing, he cannot adjust his aim unless an outside force intervenes with his positioning while firing. This "Blast Cannon" is ten times as powerful as his normal blast attacks, and he can further amplify its power with the cost of further diminishing his own stamina and strength.

Devil Fruit: (Logia) Soul-Soul Fruit

Devil Fruit Control:
Upon activation, Jomei combines his soul with the soul of an ancient warrior named Artix. In the real world, this combination does not mean it is one person or the other fighting, both are equally engaged in whatever they may be doing at that time. The combination’s name (to simplify specification problems) is Legion. The term ‘Legion’ is a metaphorical term for not only the combination itself, but for the unique powers that Artix has. Artix’s powers appear as a green and black aura covering an area as large as three Navy command ships combined, and can cause the earth or ship(s) Legion is on to quake with Artix’s power plus Jomei’s (due to combo, literally combines both of whatever powers they may have).
Artix’s power, specifically, is ‘blast’ power. This means that he and Legion are able to create large shockwaves (air and sea) that have incredible amounts of destructive power. Legion’s fame actually started years ago when it leveled a small island’s forests during a battle with a rival Pirate crew. Along with this power, upon activation of the Devil Fruit Legion is encased inside very thick layers of armor, and wields a large scythe that features two more smaller axe-like blades located at the bottom of the handle on both sides. This armor has sort of a “Thor Mjolnir” effect since it seemingly weighs nothing to Legion yet no one else can wear let alone pick up the bulky armor. Along with its lack of weight, Legion remains agile and nimble even with the sit on. This is because the sit and scythe are a part of the powers of the Devil Fruit itself, because no one but the consumer of the fruit can use its powers, namely, the suit and scythe.
Jomei’s power isn’t really anything special, he has increased strength, stamina, agility, and perception. This is due to his relentless training and Devil Fruit powers. With these combined powers, it makes Legion a truly powerful being, although the problem is with Legion fighting in the first place. Jomei’s physical strength is already so great that, in almost every fight, he has no need whatsoever to use his Devil Fruit abilities. Only by somehow pressing him enough may you be able to witness his abilities, and unless you hold enough power yourself, this alone is a mighty feat to accomplish. And if you manage to do this by the skin of your teeth, you still have to face Legion. So good luck~~

PICTURE (of Devil Fruit activation):

[img]Jomei Michio (Finished) Zhaita10[/img]

General Information (I'll add this in the "Crew Applications" section where you can edit yourself in. Note: the rules in the other "crew" post regarding editing are explained there, so even if it looks the same, please read it, thanks ^^)

Crew Name: Flame Skull Pirates
Crewmates: (Will add members as they join)

Affiliation: Anybody nice to him in another crew.
Jolly Roger: A demonic skull with green fire in it's eye sockets. Behind the skull are crossed scythes instead of bones or swords.
Name Of Ship: Sea's Sabre

Crew Information
Leader: Jomei Michio
Second in Command: (Currently open)
Original Crew Manifet: (for this subject edit yourself in on the Flame Skull Pirates topic in "Crew Creation")
Current Crew Manifet: (for this subject edit yourself in on the Flame Skull Pirates topic in "Crew Creation")

Specific Crew Information

Entrance Rules: BE STRONG!! The only paths that lie between us and our victories are hard ones, and if you aren't strong enough or able to adapt well enough, you may find yourself on the Reaper's ferry instead of the Flame Skull Pirates' ship.

Specific Rules:
(1) Request entrance by PM'ing a high ranking official of the crew.
(2) After confirmation of request, the official(s) (including me if requested) that recieved may battle the requestee or may ask for another official to do so with consent of the requestee.
(3) If the participant is deemed worthy by the challenging official, he/she may request any position availible by sending said request to the challenged official or to others after reviewing the fight topic (for other officials). If you lose, don't worry, there's always a next time!!
(4) Once admitted into the requested position, you're all set. Officials must notify the Captain (Jomei Michio) of the new addition and position filled (so I can cross out those 'open' signs up there).

Requirments: Strong, physically or mentally (although there's still a certain limit to how much physical skills you're lacking if you decide to enter and your character's mentally stronger.), not cruel or mean to crew/newcomers, officially approved character account.

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Jomei Michio (Finished)
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