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 Gathering members and suplies

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Doragon no musuko

Doragon no musuko

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PostSubject: Gathering members and suplies   Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:40 pm

When Doragon no musuko came to shores of Logue town, he payed faire for the renting place for his boat. He didn't feared that it would be stolen because he shored near a marine ship, a handy trick for avoiding thieves. When he walked in the streets he saw a nice place. It was a restaurant, but there were also marines, so he walked inside. When he asked for a nice quiet place a marine asked: Are you a pirate?. A the moment he said that all the marines looked at me and prepared for attackt. But then Doragon no musuko said: No I am not, I am a diplomat. I give information to anyone who can afford it. But the marines didn't trust it and took a den den mushie and informed at the HQ if someone who looked like me has a bounty. But they didn't have. So the marines let me go and looked at me suspicious. At the table I asked a tea, and a plate of spagethi.
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Doragon no musuko

Doragon no musuko

Posts : 9
Beli : 145
Join date : 2012-06-29
Age : 24
Location : Turnhout

PostSubject: Re: Gathering members and suplies   Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:08 pm

Then when the spageti and tea came, a marine officer asked me if he could join my table. Doragon no musuko answerd "Okay, why not." When the marine officer sat down he whisperd me "In what for info do you handle?" Doragon no musuko looked around and sayed "Many things and much of it is expensive. What for information do you seek? The marine officer sayed to me " Information on a slave trader from the East Blue." " Okay I shall look if I find something for you. Do you have a flute with you?" The marine officer looked confused and answerd "Yes I do. Why do you need it?" "That my friend will you see soon enough. But first, what will you pay for the information?
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Gathering members and suplies
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