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 Flame Skull Pirates

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Jomei Michio

Jomei Michio

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PostSubject: Flame Skull Pirates    Flame Skull Pirates  EmptyTue Jun 12, 2012 2:55 pm

General Information

Crew Name: Flame Skull Pirates

Crewmates: (add yourself in when you join, I'll also check you in if you can't for some reason)

-Jomei Michio

Affiliation: Any Pirate crews that are nice to Jomei's Razz.

Jolly Roger: A demonic skull with green fire inside of the eye sockets. Behind the skull there are crossed scythes.

Name Of Ship: Sea's Sabre (Sabre for short)

Crew Information

(I will personally add in officials, just pm me about it and I'll read the application for your position)

Leader: Jomei Michio

Second in Command: Sumaru

Original Crew Manifet:
Sumaru Shokubutsu (Sumaru)
Xyos Nexus (serbet11)

Current Crew Manifet:
Sumaru Shokubutsu (Sumaru)
Xyos Nexus (serbet11)

Specific Crew Information

Entrance Rules: BE STRONG!! The only paths that lie between us and our victories are hard ones, and if you aren't strong enough or able to adapt well enough, you may find yourself on the Reaper's ferry instead of the Flame Skull Pirates' ship.

Specific Rules:
(1) Request entrance by PM'ing a high ranking official of the crew.
(2) After confirmation of request, the official(s) (including me if requested) that recieved may battle the requestee or may ask for another official to do so with consent of the requestee.
(3) If the participant is deemed worthy by the challenging official, he/she may request any position availible by sending said request to the challenged official or to others after reviewing the fight topic (for other officials). If you lose, don't worry, there's always a next time!!
(4) Once admitted into the requested position, you're all set. Officials must notify the Captain (Jomei Michio) of the new addition and position filled (so I can cross out those 'open' signs up there).

Requirments: Strong, physically or mentally (although there's still a certain limit to how much physical skills you're lacking if you decide to enter and your character's mentally stronger.), not cruel or mean to crew/newcomers, officially approved character account.

Availability: All positions except for Captain are available.

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PostSubject: Re: Flame Skull Pirates    Flame Skull Pirates  EmptyWed Jun 13, 2012 7:54 am

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Flame Skull Pirates
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