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PostSubject: Ranks/Tiers   Ranks/Tiers EmptyThu Jun 14, 2012 3:21 am

These Tiers are to determint the skill difference of characters. Although if you skillfully fight a higher ranked opponent is dosnt mean you cant kick their ass

Examples of the canon characters equivelent rank is given as a point of reference

Z - The Z ranked characters are almost god like making them the eletes of the eletes. they will have mastered their weapons/devilfruit and be feared by almost anyone, and will normally leed others
(equivelent of shanks, Monkey D. Dragon, etc)

S - The S ranked characters are elites who have come close to mastering their abilities and can hold their own against almost any opponent
(i.e. Aoji, whitebeard, blackbeard, etc)

A - The A ranked characters are resonably powerful and are able to hold their own against even the elites.
(i.e. Luffy, zoro, Nico Robin, etc)

B - The B ranked characters are resonably strong and are a valuable asset to any crew
(i.e. Sanji, Chopper (even if he dosnt know it), etc)

C - The C ranked characters are beginning to understand their skills/abilities and are able to wield them providing effective backup
(i.e. Namie, Ussop, etc)

D - The D ranked character are getting to grips with their skills/abilities and can provide resonable back up to a crew although they have signifigant room for improvement
(i.e. Vivi, Namie (when first seen), etc)

E - The E ranked characters have no real skills/abilities but they are driven by ambision and determination
(i.e. Colby (when he is first seen), etc)
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