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 After The Pulse (stat-based, opened 11 June 2012)

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PostSubject: After The Pulse (stat-based, opened 11 June 2012)   Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:47 pm

One year ago, a black, unidentifiable wave of energy was seen shooting across the sky the world over, like a horizontal rainbow. Immediately after, all memories of what the world was and who people are or used to be were erased from the minds of the living. For the next six months, a strange dream occurred worldwide: a man whom people knew immediately, for reasons unknown, to be named Asmodeous Ourouborus, appeared and asked if people would wake the Ten Gods, then pointed to ten coffins made of the ten different Elements behind him.

In the year since the Pulse, people have started to build societies or armies, research and find out what they can of the past- although no records have yet been found- build nations or make them crumble. Some have taken the question about Waking the Ten Gods as a challenge and have been searching diligently, while others want them to stay asleep or dead, whichever they may be.

In this new world, After the Pulse, what will you do?

**Side-Note: we still have some staff positions open, see help-wanted ad on-site**
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After The Pulse (stat-based, opened 11 June 2012)
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