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 Final Fantasy: Journeys End

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy: Journeys End   Final Fantasy: Journeys End EmptyWed Jun 27, 2012 9:02 pm

Final Fantasy: Journeys End Theplot

Final Fantasy Journey's End. Set on a world named Gaia this world houses those from an alternate version of Gaia, a world much different to the one they knew. For the rest it is a place frought with danger and destruction. Everything changes and anything is possible. Currently based on a continent system each one has a back story and minor plot. Spira is still ravaged by Sin as the summoners still battle hard to obtain the aeons and defeat Sin. Galbadia is now under the rule of a new sorceress and Esthar is still under the rule of President Laguna who has recently discovered a new world high above the clouds known as Cocoon.
For unknown reasons the magicks within Gaia have become unstable, this has led to the lifestream becoming extremely unstable. Summoners can sense a change as the aeons urge them to move forward and destroy Sin. With the lifeforce of Gaia thrown out of balance, natural disasters are occuring across the world. The great powers in each city are begining to turn on their neighbours when they should be pulling together. Rumour has it Spira, Galbadia, Zanarkand and Cocoon are about to declare war. This will be the biggest war in Gaia's history, no one is safe and everyone must make a choice of who to side with. Anything could tip the tide of the Continent Wars.

Final Fantasy: Journeys End System

The system on Final Fantasy Journey's End means that the canon events of each game never happened. Zack though is still deceased but not by the hands of Shinra and has never met Cloud. Squall and Rinoa have never met, Edea has also not seized control with Seifer. Anything is possible, the only question is which side will you choose in the end. It always ultimately comes down to one or the other....are you on the side of light or on the side of darkness.Mostly a free form role play with some elements of stats thrown in to mix it up. A staff team dedicated to shaping the storyline to the way you want it to regarding your character. Friendly and diverse, Final Fantasy Journey's End welcomes role players of all ages and role playing ability.

Final Fantasy: Journeys End CurrentEventsbanner
Summoner Adiona with her guardians Lucius and Nephia arrive at Bevelle to obtain Bahamut but something or someone is moving closer to Bevelle that could signal the start of the war for Spira. Meanwhile another potential summoner by the name of Miumi shows up on the island of Besaid. Karrl Garm a newly made SeeD sets on his travels to Spira with Erinna another SeeD to keep tabs on any intelligence regarding the magic distortion happening around Gaia.
General Caraway's daughter Rinoa meets with Sorceress Blue to discuss the unstable magic within Gaia, trouble brews in Vector which may very well begin a war. General Celes Chere has joined a magic organisation known as The Coven, a group of witches who aren't telling her the whole story.
Shantotto comes across a new breed of enemy known as a chain and meets three quite strange humans, one of whom can turn into a gigantic rabbit known as B Rabbit.

Many canon characters still available. PM an admin or manager if you wish to create one.

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Final Fantasy: Journeys End
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