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 Ren Shimizu (finished)

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Ren Shimizu

Ren Shimizu

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PostSubject: Ren Shimizu (finished)   Ren Shimizu (finished) EmptyThu Jul 05, 2012 12:52 am

Basic Information

Name: Ren Shimizu
Nickname/Alias: None yet

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Height: 1.70 m
Weight: 45 kg

Affiliation: freelance for the moment.
Rank: B

Personal Information
Hometown: she was born in the hunters village on an unnamed island in east blue. The villagers (and Ren as well) Calls it Hunters Isle.

Physical Description: Ren has short brown hair. She also has green eyes. She is not really that special in appearance. Her skin colour is light. However in hybrid-form she will get black fur over her entire body and a black tail as well. Her eyes become yellow and exactly in the form of a panther. Which comes out of a small gap in her Kimono specially made for that. Her eyes become yellow and exactly in the form of a panther. In full panther form she just looks like an average black panther.

Clothing: Ren usually wears a white Kimono and ties it together with a blue sash. The kimono has a secret pocket on the inside. She also wears straw sandals.


Personality Ren is a true hunter and respects nature. If you treat it wrong you will feel her anger. For the rest she is a friendly girl. In general she won’t fight unless there is a reason for. She likes to hunt but only for a good reason. Reasons for fighting or hunting can be to defend oneself, to beat up someone who really had it coming, for a friend and for food. Those are the major reasons but not all. She mostly avoid fights with people who don’t deserve it, though if they challenge her she will probably accept. She does not get angry often. But there are things that can really make her mad. Things like killing someone for no real reason. It is also best to respect nature if she is around. If she catches you poaching, cutting to many trees at once,… She can get angry very quickly.


Hunting: Once a hunter always a hunter.

Friends: As a hunter she learned to value your partners life, they need to do the same for you and the hunt will always end well.

People respecting nature: Ren respects nature. She hunts its creatures but never to many of them. She never hunts one without reason, there are multiple reasons to hunt though.

Trees: They are required to keep breathing and she also likes to climb one and watch the view on top.

Cloths not found on her hometown island: They always used fur and bones to make armor and clothing. She thinks these clothes feel better. Though she did not had a lot of time or coin to buy them yet.

Collars: Ren won’t put one on except if there is a extremely good reason for.

Alcoholic drinks: Ren does not really understands why somebody drinks this junk, it is not tasty nor healthy. Not forget the mention the one time she tried to drink it she got drunk from a single sip.

People who hunt to much: She always likes to hunt, but you must not hunt to much. Cause else you would destroy a great part of the nature there. If you hunt it must for a good reason.

Marines: don’t get her wrong, she does not hate one for being a marine. They got some fine people there. She just hate most officers because most can be real jerks. Not every mention she had one good, though she had many jerks as captains.

Poachers: They greatly make nature unstable.

Perverts: She hates the people that constantly harass her. If they flirt with her and now when to quit when she said no, then that’s fine.


Ren was born in a remote village somewhere in east blue. This island was full of wildlife. The most people in the village where hunters. Nature on this island provided the people and the wildlife with everything they needed, And if that was enough there always was the rare trader that came around once in a month. The hunter used all kinds of tools and weapons to catch animals and use anything they wanted to use, almost everything had a use. Then there is our village’s relation with the world government. We provide them with some iron and meat and sometimes something that is a rare find outside this island, and they leave us alone.

Ren was trained to hunt from her 10 years old, however they did not put her against a fierce monster from start. They just trained with wooden weapons against other children from the village. It was here that Ren started to train with a katana, made of wood for now. When she was 13 years old they really began to hunt. But only in quite safe places of the island, and always lead by 2 adults for each child. Though mostly everybody always came back, sometimes unfortunate things happen. Ren was quite fortunate. While she lost the two man that where supposed to teach her they occidentally got separated. While she was alone in the wilderness she came across a fruit she has never seen before. She wondered if it was edible and tested it carefully. It was not really tasty but she could not find any poisonous or something like that. She swallowed it and felt terrible for five seconds. She thought she was going to die, when everything settled down. Never eat something like that again she thought.

She found the two adults back and shortly after she ate the strange fruit. Next she was scolded and did not get food tonight but for the rest she continued her live normally, she thought….
The next day she woke she noticed something different in her and when she looked at her hand it was full of black fur. Slightly in panic she asked their parents if they knew anything what was happening to her. They asked if she ate something strange lately. First she wanted to deny but then she remembered the strange fruit of yesterday, and told her parents the story. The parents discussed this with the village elder, and sadly she ate the devil fruit. In this village with great superstition in their hunting gods and goddesses, had a rule if anyone ate one of these fruits they had to leave the island on the next boat she could get one. Fortunate as it was. The old bargain with the marines was being done soon. They need to give something to the marines. They could ask to take care of Ren, which they did the next day as the ship arrived.

The marine captain of the ship went inside to discus this with his superiors, and they accepted the offer. They would make a marine soldier of her, and this way they had to give less goods to the marines as well. And the ancient tradition of the island where upheld as well.

For three more years Ren trained with the marines, not only with a katana but also with her new found devil fruit powers. The captains always said it was good to have a soldier with a devil fruit aboard. It boosted morale and if they did try something funny then they would be shot with Seastone bullets. Ren knew this so she worked, mostly unwillingly, with the marines. There where things she did not minded to do, catching scum who just killed for fun, and stuff like that. But then there where the things they had to do in the name of “Justice”. Which she felt terrible afterwards. She wanted to go away from the marines, so she made a bargain with her superior. She would catch the extremely dangerous pirate Blueheart, alone, who was named after the tattoo off a blue heart he had on the place of his chest where his real hart was. If she succeeded, she would be free. Else she would remain a marine, if she survived that was. She got information on this outlaw from the marine captain: He was a great disguiser, mainly acting as a slaver but had other crimes on his name, They got information on him that he could persuade people like they knew him as a trusted friend for their entire life. He was also skilled with his sabre, but far from Ren’s level with her katana. She got to see the last wanted poster of this guy.( they always got the change it, cause he always looked entirely differently) They also managed to find an old boot he used the disguise himself in earlier disguises. The marines also thought it was a good idea to let Ren’s better smelling sense at work, which was stronger thanks to her devil fruit. They also knew he could hide and run very good. They could track him a lot, but never catch him. He is a real nuisance here. Always if they docked on an island he managed to outsmart the marines. So they found his ship and Ren had to row from a long distance to the island, because else the pirate would be gone by the time the marine ship was there. Lucky she had the wind and the sea in her advantage.

Ren arrived tired in the docks of the island she was send at. She had received other cloths then her marine uniform, cause they stood way to much out. She did not asked around, If Blueheart learned he had someone looking for him here he would escape. But his ship was docked here and it was quite obvious where a pirate would be. She found a empty alley and smelled at the boot, which did not smell nicely. Then she searched around to find the scent. She followed it to a small bar in town. She also went in and ordered an alcohol-free drank and waited for time to flow and see what would happen. Ren saw the pirates talking to people inviting them for something on his ship tonight. She saw more people than she expected accepting his offer. How could people be so naïve? Ren thought there. They also invited her, and she accepted. She knew the risk, but else Blueheart would get away again.

Ren made some preparations, she bought some fireworks to use as signal flare to sign the marines to come. It was quite small and she fit it into her secret pocket. She then went to the party. Once at his ship she felt uneasy when she boarded. Once everyone was there blueheart told them they would sail around the docks a little. Ren knew she could not really escape unless she abandoned everyone one this ship, which she would not. Ren carefully observed the people on board. There where about 10 pirates on the ship, but according the ship’s size it could contain trice that amount. Strange enough there where about 40 “guests” including Ren. Ren had to hand over her katana when she entered the vessel. It was a party and for that you did not need weapons. Ren took a serious risk when giving it to the pirates, but they just putted it bellow deck. First they brought huge amount of sake on deck. They gave it to everyone, pirate and guest alike. She noticed that the pirates throw it away when nobody was paying attention to them, and Ren did the same. But the other guests seemed to enjoy drinking from it. Ren slowly after a while started to act drunk, so she would not stand out. After a while she noticed the pirates all taking up rifles and Blueheart his sabre. He then started shouting that they where trapped and that if one of them tried to escape he would kill them. One man tried to punch the captain in his face, but was shot in his heart by another pirate before she could reach him. A great example of anyone who would defy him. They where afraid, but every man and woman allowed the pirates to tie them up. Ren acted afraid but was not really that scared of these guys yet. They did not really wanted to kill her, as long as she was just working along they would not kill her. Else there would not be much of her left to sell, right? Not to mention she could break this rope, which actually was rather weak with ease in her hybrid form. They also all where brought into a room below in the ship. After every person was brought here they noticed the captain screaming orders above deck. She understood that after 5 days they would reach the island where they would be sold. The people, mostly crying silently, where to afraid to do anything. But Ren would get everyone out of here. She now she could.

Ren waited for 3 days. She knew the navy would be following her far behind, they used new technology to constantly knew her position, but they where professional enough not to interfere unless needed. They where stupid enough not to search her however and she still had the firework. But she needed some way to make fire. They where given little food now and then and a bit more to drink but that was not really great either.

That night the pirates seemed to keep a real party. She could hear loud screaming from deck. They probably had made more progress then normal, and would be celebrating a good catch. This was the night that Ren was waiting for. She waited till everything went completely silent, changed in hybrid form, and easily broke the weak ropes. She then managed to completely silently sneak to the door on which she listened. She heard someone snoring nearby. She quietly picked the lock on the door with her claws. Sneaked to the pirate that fell asleep and bit him in his neck. He died before he could do anything. She looked around, and found a stairs up and another door. She went to the door and listened. Completely silence filled the other room. She smelled there but could not detect anything special. Ren opened the door and entered it silently. She found the weapon room. She found it a bad idea to put prisoners next to the weapon room, but this would be in their advantage. With the weapons Ren could encourage the people to fight with her, not to forget to mention she found her katana back. Ren transformed back in human form, and they stormed in the crews quarters on the middle deck. The “battle” did not took long. The pirates where completely surprised. They also did not have any weapons because they all where down in the weapon room, or used by their previous victims. Of course it made quite the noise. With the situation under control Ren went to upper deck alone and encountered Blueheart. He tried to bargain his way out of it but Ren was done talking. She drew her blade and attacked the pirate. He drew his sabre. Unlike his man he was always armed. They fought a while, but in the end Blueheart was no match for the Ren’s swordplay. She could knock him out with the pummel of her blade eventually. She tied him up and went to look for fire or a way to make it. She went to the captains quarters. He had a candle lit and she took it outside and used her firework she bought earlier. The marines would be here soon.

The Marines arrived a few hours later. Her superior was pleased with how she got the pirate. He was caught in the act. These people where luckier than most, they got away with the shock and the bad memories. Blueheart and his pirates where placed on a prison on the marine vessel and they went to the closed prison on land.
After Blueheart and his crew where safely in prison Ren and her captain discussed their deal. He would bring her to Louge Town . From there on. Ren would be on her own. And her path finally hers and hers alone.

Extra Information
Extra Clothing: nothing yet.
Extra Weapons: she caries a steel katana in a white sheath on her side. In hybrid and full panther form she also has claws which she can hide in her paws, and don’t forget her short, but very sharp teeth.


Rp Sample: Ren was Walking atop the rooftops of Louge Town. She found it was a very good way of walking. People barely noticed you and you saw them all the time. She survived here since she quit the marines. She mostly stole her food from her on, though she never stole much. Mostly they never knew it was actually gone until it was a few days later. Then again her life was very boring now. She almost found it a good idea to go back to the marines, but she threw that away and she never wanted to go there again. She probably went to seek a new captain. Hell maybe even a pirate, if you could find a pirate with proper respect these days. She did not really cared what the marines said. She never actually met a pirate she liked. But she never thought to see good navy captain, until she saw her last one. She moved to a lot of different places in these years she went with the marines. She went down to an allay and then to the streets. Nobody noticed her. She went in another alley and there she was stopped by a muscled man. First he whistled, then he said with an intimidating voice. ‘well, what have we here. a little girl in a dangerous allay all alone. You should come with me for your own safety’ He may not have noticed her katana yet. ‘And if I refuse.’ Ren asked the man calmly ‘Then I will have to show you why that is a bad idea.’ He said to her while he came closer to her trying to intimidate her more. Ren not intimidated at all by this guy, launched an attack in his chest with her bare left hand. The man grasped her hand with his right hand that was a mistake on his side. He tried to throw her on the ground but Ren did not budge when he pulled her arm. She then punched his right hand which held her left hand with her right hand, and he lost his grip on it. Then she drew her blade and pointed it at the throat of the man. Then she asked ‘you should go, or is this worth dying for?’ The man now quite scared Ran away as fast as his legs could carry him. She then calmly came to the main street and continued the path she chose.

Special Skills

Name: Blade mastery
Description: She is a master swordsman even if she does not look like one.

Name: Survival mastery
Description: She knows what to eat and what not to eat, and she is good at tracking, trapping, hunting, … She can cook a little but don’t expect a meal like in a restaurant.

Devil Fruit:neko neko no mi model: panther

How she got her Devil Fruit:


Devil Fruit Control: Ren can change in human, panther or a hybrid of the two very quick. For more information click the link above.

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Ren Shimizu (finished)
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