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PostSubject: Josephina Relic [ W.I.P]   Josephina Relic [ W.I.P] EmptyFri Jul 06, 2012 1:32 pm

Basic Information

Josephina Relic [ W.I.P] 78851ff08e2ac0abffdb548e228abbf3-1

Name: Josephina Relic
Nickname/Alias: Relic, Joe Joe, Joe

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Height: [How tall your character is]
Weight: [How much your character weighs]

Affiliation: MARINE
Rank: Cipher Pole agent

Personal Information
Vessel: Na
Hometown: West Blue, Ilusia

Physical Description: Joe is a slim, young female with a moderate muscle tone with a slight tan skin tone. Long pink hair drapes down from Joes scalp and drops to the mid section of joes back and another significant feature would be her violet coloured eyed.


Marine Attire: Joe's most adorned clothing would be her Marine outfit which consists of a Marine hat with the Marine brand, Marine navy trousers, black boots and croped white half shirt.

Cipher Pole Attire: On Cipher pole bussiness she would be wearing the suitable uniform appropriately, a rather more formal attire such as a black suit which would consist of black trousers, white shirt, black tie and a blazer jacket.

Combat Outfit: Like the picture supplied Joe's outfit would be a cropped white half shirt attached hood with a brown tactical vest with various pouches attached, brown combat trousers, padded gloves, black boots. Additional gas mask face gear can be equipped.


Marine Outfit:

Combat Outfit:

Personality [How your character acts. Be descriptive here]

Likes: Coffee, Agriculture, Manga, Noodles, Sleep-ins
Dislikes: Pain, Complications, Domineering persons, Boredom


Joe was born in the west blue on the island Ilusia, Prior to the Marines Joes life hasnt been all that hazardous or exciting. Joe is the youngest of the siblings in her family, she has two older brothers and her mother and father both have occupations, her mother is nurse and her father is a doctor. Joe had a settled life on Ilusia, due to her mother and fathers occupation Joe had a rather higher standard of living and unlike some her family were well of. A rather plain and bland upbringing, she attended school, played house, gained friends, and on the week ends she would have much of a sleep in as she can before the noises of the household and her brother woken her. Joe has never really had aspired dreams of great adventure, of course she had imagined such the thing when she was stuck in class and day dreamed anything distracting from the dull boring classroom. Joe's mother and father had pretty much set out Joes future, she was going to go into the medical profession also, as the same of her brothers and she didn't have any argument to that.

As her character Joe was a bit laid back, she would take things as they came to her however this wasn't the most suitable outlook when it came to her exams. She received failing grades which resulted in refusal to any worthwhile medical institutes. A tickly predicament which then escalated in her to lie to her mother and father to avoid shame and concern. She found salvation when she discovered the Marines provided medical education, never what she had expected though there was little else she could do. Fearing to disappoint her parents she enlisted. into the Marines in rather discreet, she withheld her true intentions and concocted a delusion of being accepted to a medical institute across seas, it took some considerable effort on her part to convince her parents of these fabric lies. Reluctant to speak the truth to her parents, that she joined the marines she personally believed this to be an undesirable choice which may rise some negative responses.

Convinced it could work, joining the Marines and duping her parents she was determined to make it work as the outcome over weighed the alternative, a pretty awful scolding from her parents and an uncertain future of a failed student and unemployment. The choice wasn't without sacrifices though she had to wave farewell to family and friends in a false belief that she was accepted into a high respected medical establishment across seas.

The Marines, the experience, the training and fatigue was brutal, she barely got by and various times was on the edge of dropping out though she had succeeded and was now an official Marine, said the uniform which had been a slight couple of sizes too big for her but her complaints were ignored. Past her first few months of training the relative months after have been pretty drull following, her main duties had been mopping and cleaning the Marines headquarters. Not what Joe really had desired though it was a relief when faced with other more dangerous options such as confronting pirates and such so Joe was rather contempt with this for now. While intending to be a Doctor, a medic or a nurse or something in the field of medical practice Joe was rather unexceptional however her training exercises in Marskmanship showed great potential as she showed a natural observant gift and she liked it. Her free time when she got some she would write back a false letter to her family, it basically informed them of a imagined fantasy studying in an foreign medical facility.

While struggling in Medicine and achieving in the fireing range, she was soon proposed to join a Marine unit, a Marskman unit which would all abandon her future in medical career. She refused the proposition with rising regret while still trying to earn a suitable medical education, however some time later she was proposed again and she gladly accepted, after much stacking dissatisfaction she precipitately accepted. She would make the decision that she would make her own future and cast off her predetermined future her parents had set for her.

Assigned to the Sniper squad of Tears of Blood she recived a higher degree of training within the new unit, assigned to mission, succeeded some and failed some however she was to learn from her mistakes. She would become a full fledge member when she was properly initiated into the Tears of Blood, tattooed the squads signature on her. In her involvement in the squad she was bumped up the ranks to second squad leader and eventually squad commander. Tears of blood would become a well infamous elite sniper group that partook some nearly suicidal missions. Acknowledged for her talents and achievements Joe was recruited into Cipher pole were she would become a addition into the world government's background assassins.

Upon relocating to the Cipher pole organisation she had been administered a devil fruit, it had been anonymously spiked into her rations upon introduction which apart from a terrible sour tasting meal it made some events thereafter rather very bizarre and interesting. It was a combinations of experiments to identify the fruit, gauge the users reaction to the fruit and discover how long until the devil fruit user will become aware of their power. Joe wasn't aware she was a devil fruit user for a significant portion of time. It was also apparently hilarious joke at Joe's suspense when at times when she believed she was going insane when she would apparently be transported to various locations and when she on multiple of times visited the infirmity to explain her discomfort her higher ups would get a real laugh. You can imagine her reaction when she was withheld this information, various thoughts of scaling a tower with her rifle rose time and time again.

A relative new recruit to the cipher pole unit and consequently also a devil fruit user Joe has currently been ongoing in her training of learning the six styles.

Extra Information
Extra Clothing:
Extra Weapons: Combat Knife

Relationships: [Any relationships before the rp starts that your character may have with another character being rped.]

Rp Sample: [A sample of how you rp.]

Special Skills

Name: Marksmanship
Description: Marksman
The profession of Marksman provides sound experience and insight in calculating range, distance and wind elements and their impact on the path of a projectile with precision. Primarily the marksman excel at long range combat, striking their target from vast distances away.

Secondary skills

~ Assassin
Cipher Pol is a agency supporting the world government but there actions operate more as a counter-insurgency agency. The training that the agents undergo also has somewhat of a mind-molding process so that Cipher Pol agents only learn how to be assassins and that this is their only profession. Joe's training has taught her covert engagements and how to successfully infiltrate and neutralize targets effectively while also remaining unanimous. Her training has provided her to be a expert in the art of stealth, trained in various techniques and tactics, and highly trained. As the nature of Joe's job relies on stealth and non-detection, she is highly adept at blending into shadows and moving silently. As an assassin, she is able to sneak up on most opponents undetected and quickly subdue them using either lethal or non-lethal means.

~Hand to Hand Combat
Joe received the basic training techniques taught to her when she first enlisted into the marines and then a further advanced course when she was accepted into Cipher Pol. Joe employs use of athletic maneuvers, grapples, locks and various complex submission holds to counterbalance her small frame and strength. Small use of melee weapons can also be adopted to employ with the use of her hand to hand combat skills.

-Rokushiki ( The Six Styles )
An advance martial art used by the world government, Cipher Pol agents are trained in it and consequently Joe has been tutored in its instruction.

Devil Fruit: Doa Doa no Mi (Door Door Fruit)

Devil Fruit Control: Unrefined, Joe's abilities are not quite on par as other master devil fruit users. Her control is somewhat described as amateur. Concentration and focus are key for Joe's ability to manipulate her devil fruit ability or otherwise there is no telling where here abilities could lead her to.

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PostSubject: Re: Josephina Relic [ W.I.P]   Josephina Relic [ W.I.P] EmptySat Jul 07, 2012 4:59 am

looking good

let me know when done Very Happy
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Josephina Relic [ W.I.P]
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