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PostSubject: Mara Blade   Mara Blade EmptyFri Jul 06, 2012 6:00 pm

Basic Information

Name: Mara Blade Jr. or Mara Blade the 2nd( has the same name as her mother)
Nickname/Alias: the pale Raven

Age: 21
Gender: female
Race: experimented Human

Height: 6''1
Weight: 130lbs

Affiliation: Bounty Hunter
Rank: S

Personal Information
Vessel: None
Hometown: not quite originally from any town but a large house a distance away outside mock town, on the island of jaja

Physical Description: Mara body is lean and tall, , with long black hair. Her skin is very pale almost being white. Her eyes are very unique, being black and white.
Clothing: Mara wheres a large black trench coat, and black gloves. Under the coat is a black leather vest, along with black leather boots and pants. She often weres circle sunglasses that blocks the view from her eyes.
Picture: Mara Blade Vampirechick

Her eyes:
Mara Blade Sclera-Contacts1

the glasses:
( note that the ones she weres are almost pitch black and cannot be seen though)

Mara Blade AS100ZZ-silv-smk_L

Personality Mara normally acts very cruel around people, and would rather kill somone then talk to them, much so when dealing with bounties that she intends to catch. She can act slightly more friendly around certain key people. She is however quite obsessed with finding her mothers sword, causing her to go after bounties just because of a rumor of someone having it. She does tend to let a lot of her bounties go however, and only realy brings them in when actually needs money, which often confuses people. She actually doesn't care for someone being a pirate or not, she just does too help her find her mothers sword and to get money. She does like to relax and tends to get lazy when there are no leads on her mothers sword. Often laying out relaxing on the sand or some other spot. She is also quite a flirt, however that for the most part only deals with girls.

Likes: Her mother, smoking, girls
Dislikes: Her Father, people, her eyes

History it is said, a short while ago there was a mansion on the out reachest of mock town on the island of jaja, there lived two pirates one known as Mara the wolf queen who's blade skills were known across the seas, and her madman of a lover Xartec, a pirate scientist, who was known to conduct cruel experiments on anything. There the two lived retired from there lives of pirating, due to Mara giving birth to a child, giving her the same name as her mother. While there they hired the pirates of the town to be guardsmen of there home, however some would just vanish, rumors where that Xartec was using them in his experiments. Mara Jr grew up happy, due to her parents and bodyguards only the stupid dared attack the mansion. Mara Jr grew up hearing her mother tales of the seas and being a pirate, however the tale she loved the most was about her mothers sword, which her mother told her it had a power all its own. However her mother claimed it was stolen from her by another pirate.

However those tales ended, when Mara Jr was ten Her mother died from a unknown illness, which left her in care of her father, which would be a living hell. Her father cared nothing for his child, her only cared for experimenting, and quickly he turned on his own daughter. Her body changed, due to all the chemicals that he injected into her with and experiments he made her go though. Her skin had paled and her eyes had turned black and white. Her body had changed as well, at the age of 15 she had a body of a full grown woman. Her Strength, speed, and even her durability was enhanced way above human levels. However Xartec wanted his experment to go even further, and prepared to enhance her body with machine parts, turning her into a cyborg. However that would not come to be, as before he could, there was a lab accident causing the whole mansion to explode. Mara walked out of the explosion barely harmed, she looked back at her home, it was completely gone, along with all her things. However Mara had lost all care for that place, after a quick visit to her mothers grave and a vow to reclaim her mothers sword, she headed to mock town where she would start on her quest.

Down at the town she saw, bounty posters all over, and listened to how these pirates would brag about there high bounties. She had thought about joining them in being a pirate, however at that moment she remembered, that after all she was hunting the pirate that stole her mothers sword. So she became a hunter of the pirates, a bounty hunter. She traveled long and far, looking for this pirate, not knowing what he or she looked like, only knowing that the pirate wielded a sword with a dark power, and she continues to do this in till she finds It.

Extra Information
Extra Clothing: a black bikini, along with seemly endless pairs of sunglasses

Extra Weapons: [Weapons hidden on the character. This cannot be anything extraordinary or anything special. These can be basic weapons and a small number of them]

Relationships: None

Rp Sample: [ you guys know how I rp XD]

Special Skills

Name: inhuman body
Description: Due to the experments of her father and Endless hours of training Mara's body is able to reach inhuman levels quite easily. Mara's body is super strong easily able to punch though a solid wall of steel as if it was nothing. Her speed and reflexes are insanely good as well, being able to attack along with dodge attacks at speeds most people wouldn't even be able to notice. Her body also tends to heal much faster then a normal human, and even much better, causing her to never have scars, it also seems to allow her to resist poisons more then normal. Her durability and stamina is also quite high, being able to take high amounts of damage and contiune battling for long periods of time. Along with lacking the ability to feel pain.

Name: Haki
Description: Mara has after a long amount of training gained the use of two types of haki, Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki, being able to use both almost to there fullist. However she prefers to use Busoshoku Haki, over the other, allowing her to enhance her attacks and shrug off attacks as well. It is said she could easily shrug off a lightning strike or even cannon fire like it was nothing, or cause her attacks to become much stronger, also allowing her to harm devil fruit users that could become immune to her attacks( mostly logia users)

Name: air pressure fist
Description: Mara throws a punch so fast and powerful it creates a powerful blast of pressurized air, easily able shatter stone, and brake bones.

Name: Shockwave clap
Description: Mara claps her hands together with a great force creating a deafening loud sound along with a shock wave in front of her, that carries the force to easily knock someone right off there feet.

Name: sword skills
Description: Mara while doesn't normally doesn't use a sword in combat herself, has been training to use one for a while, so she would be able to use her mother's sword skilled fully when she finally does get it back.

Name: inventor
Description: while she may of hated her father and what he did to her, she does enjoy that she was born with his smarts, and skill of inventing.

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PostSubject: Re: Mara Blade   Mara Blade EmptyFri Jul 06, 2012 11:44 pm

(Info only: We shall keep haki on hold untill more members appear.)


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Jomei Michio

Jomei Michio

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PostSubject: Re: Mara Blade   Mara Blade EmptySat Jul 07, 2012 10:41 am

I still have to cover that mess about Haki... I mean, using Kenbunshoku Haki (dodging) would be like godmodding, and so would Conquerers Haki (I know it's not in the char app but just adressing it anyway) unless you made it just an intimidation effect. But then it would be practically useless. I only see Busoshoku Haki as an option with the whole 'armor' thing that doesn't seem like it would be taken advantage of.

But I still give approval for this, just a little confused on what to do Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Mara Blade   Mara Blade EmptySat Jul 07, 2012 10:55 am

well from what ive read there are ways to counter Kenbunshoku Haki....but mostly i just put in there to say that she knows how to do it XD
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Jomei Michio

Jomei Michio

Posts : 68
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Location : Probably at some deserted island training.

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PostSubject: Re: Mara Blade   Mara Blade EmptySat Jul 07, 2012 10:58 am

Lol, makes perfect sense, I did that with pretty much everything about Tenshi anyways Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Mara Blade   Mara Blade Empty

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Mara Blade
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