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 Kyo Surudoiha (finished)

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Kyo Surudoiha

Kyo Surudoiha

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PostSubject: Kyo Surudoiha (finished)   Kyo Surudoiha (finished) EmptyTue Jul 10, 2012 5:38 am

Basic Information

Name: Kyo Surudoiha
Nickname/Alias: Demon Shark, Jawsie.

Age: 20
Gender: female
Race: Tiger shark fishman... well fishWOman

Height: 1m 65
Weight: 82 kg

Affiliation: Freelancer
Rank: B

Personal Information
Vessel: None at the moment
Hometown: New Ohara

Physical Description:

Kyo is of average hight and has a quite sturdy build. Not bulky, but nicely proportional. Her hair is black, slightly messy and reaches a few inches past her ears. She has a small dorsal fin on the base of her neck, gills beween her neck and shoulders and webbing between her fingers. Her skin is bluish grey with a vaguely noticeable tiger stripe patern. She was branded with the mark of the world nobles right above her bellybutton. Her eyes are dark and her nose is straight and has a pronounced nosebridge. She also has a wide, slightly upturned mouth filled with two rows of big, shark-like teeth.


Kyo wears a khaki green, sleeveless top with an low-cut back and black pants wich are heavily ripped up on the knees.On her head she wears a dark red headband to keep her bangs out of her face and she has a dark red sash wrapped around her hips in which she tucks the two segments of her staff. She also wears a few steel and leather bracelets on her arms and usually goes on black sandals, unless it's really cold.
Picture: []


Kyo is a calm, collected, level-headed person who keeps her composure in any situation. She has herself under a firm control, rarely showing her true feelings or having emotional outbursts. Due to certain events in her past she has become very mistrusting of people and rarely allows anyone to get close to her. Yet honour and respect hold a high regard to her and she will always speak to someone in a polite, friendly and proper manner, even when they're enemies. She is also very straightforward, honest and unafraid to speak her mind. Kyo is very intelligent and proficient in various scientific disciplines. Being a scholar, she tends to base her decisions on pure logic and holds onto her rational ways to a fault. Because of her reserved nature she often comes across as cold and uncaring, but deep down she's actually very gentle. She's very hard to anger, hates conflict and would do anything to avoid it. However, when you do get her that far she's a force to be reconed with. Furthermore, her past trauma made her develop minor obsessive compulsive behaviour, mainly outed during periods of distress.


silence, traveling the world, freedom, the ocean, swimming, black tea, and her personal space.


Noise, conflicts, unpredictable situations, overfishing, alcoholic drinks, and being viewed as an inferior creature.


Kyo was born in New Ohara, a remote Island at the far end of North Blue. The island came to be just for over thirty years ago when a group of scholars, scientists and archologists decided to rebuild the vast historical and scientific collection of the original Ohara. But instead of gathering it all in one huge tree, like the old Oharans did, they use trees throughout the entire forest. The people reffer to it as the 'Archive Woods'. The World Goverment knows about this and allows it to happen, but keeps a watchfull eye on the New Oharans to make sure they don't research any forbidden knowledge.

Kyo's parents where freelance researchers and the only fishmen on the Island. They both loved their daughter deeply. Her first years where normal and carefree but when she was four her parents went away for the first time to research some new historical findings, leaving her in the care of the head archivist. He was very good to Kyo and quickly became very fond of her. Since then her parents always left her within his care whenever they went on another journey. Over time the man allowed her to read the books held within the collection, thinking her to be old enough. It didn't take long before the Archive Woods became like a second home to Kyo. She read books upon books, absorbing all the knowledge like a sponge. The head archivist found this quite impressive and affectionatly began to call her the little progidy. One day she came across a stack of scrolls that explained the basic theorie of fishman karate. Intrigued, Kyo began teaching herself the basics with the help of other books, documents and scrolls that she had found on the subject. While it wasn't perfect, she became quite adept with the fighting style. After a while Kyo began to ambition the dream of becoming the first, officialy recognised fishman scientist. She often fantasised about going out to sea to study all the misteries of the world. Thinking of all the islands she would visit and all the things she would experience made her very excited. Then one day when she was twelve her wish came true. Her parents where preparing for another journey and decided to take her with them. Traveling together with her parents was great. They had lots of fun together and really included her into their work. On her journey she learned many things that she otherwise never would've learned, even with all the documents back at home. She decided that experiencing these things personally was much better then just reading about it. And eventhough her dream was still far away, Kyo was truly content. She was with her parents and together they learned new things every day. All was well.

But then her entire world came crashing down.

One day their ship was attacked by slave traders. Her father tried to defend his family with all his might but was killed in all the chaos. In the end Kyo and her mother where taken and shipped of to the slave auction at Sabaody Archiperago. There, her mother was quickley sold to someone from Tequila wolf and taken away again. That was the last time Kyo ever saw her. Not long after that she too was sold. To a world noble. She was braught to the island of Mariejois where she had to entertain the children of the Celestial Dragon. But first she was branded with the mark of slavery and had a bomb collar strapped around her neck. Life with the world nobles was terrible. Those people treated her like a piece of dirt. Often they would demand completely unreasonable things from her, and when she couldn't fulfill their wishes they punished her severely. This continued for two years, until a chance encouter changed everything. Kyo had been cleaning in the library when she came across some documents written in an ancient language. Curious, she took one of the papers and started to decipher it. Then her master came in. He was quit surprised to discover that one of his slaves could read that language. He had the best historians set on those documents, but none of them got any wiser out of it. Since that day Kyo became his personal historian, decoding texts for him and working through the information. Sometimes he even asked her for political advise. She was treated significantly better and even got some privelages, such as being allowed to go on walks through town. It didn't take long before her skills where widely known throughout the upper class of Mariejois. Before she knew it other world nobles, marine admirals and even one of the Five Elders came asking for her expertise. Yet still she longed for her freedom. So she thought up a plan. With her newfound privelages she managed to figure out where the keys to her bomb collar where kept and in an unguarded moment she stole them, disloged her collar and snuck away. It didn't take long before her master found out that she was gone and quickly sent an admiral after her. Meanwhile Kyo made her way through town, on her way to the harbor. But when she got there she saw that there where marines patroling the area. Using some clever distractions she swiftly snuck past them before heading for the docks. Then she ran into her master who was accompanied by the admiral and three other marines. At the world noble's command the marines charged at her, but with a few strong kicks she knocked them out with ease. Then the admiral attacked her. Using fishman karate she managed to hold him of for a moment, but she would never be able to gain the upper hand on him. In her desperation Kyo lunged at the world noble and took him in a strong grip. She threatened that if they didn't let her go, she would kill the Celestial Dragon. When no-one let up she bit him in the arm, easily piercing his suit and crushing the bone with her immense bite force. That caused the admiral to back down. Walking backwards towards the docks with the world noble in tow, she kept her eyes firmly on the admiral in case he tried anything funny. When she finally reached the docks she hurled the world noble away from her and walked towards the ships. But the man, in a last attampt to stop her, pulled out a firearm and shot at her. He missed. Kyo stood frozen in place. Then she turned around and calmly made her way back to him. Not knowing what to make of it the man nervously pointed his firearm at her again, hoping it would scare her off. Kyo simply slapped the gun away and planted her teeth into his hand, snapping all the bones in the process. Then she let go, wiped the blood from her mouth and made her way back o the ships, leaving the wailing tyrant behind.

Kyo chose a beautiful galleon ship with a warm brown collor and snuck aboard. The plan was to stay hidden below deck and leave as soon as the ship reached next port. From there she would figure out what to do next. But it didn't take long before the resident crew found her. The men didn't know what to do with her. Some had their reservations about having a shark fishgirl on board but in the end she convinced them to let her sail along until the next island. Turns out she had landed on a ship of scientists who wanted to research devil fruits. Before long the crew discovered Kyo's own qualities as a scholar, and bu the time they reached the next port she had oficially become a member of the crew. She spent the next four years traveling with them. Life on sea was very different from her time as a slave. Unlike the Celestial Dragons, the crew treated her with respect and dignity. Especially the captain grew to like her. He even gave her the nickname 'Jawsie', reffering to her strong jaws and teeth. She eventually became his personal student. In those four years under his tutoring she improved greatly in both scientifical skills and fighting skills. During the second year he gave her a bo staff made from a special brand of metal. After a while she even made up her own fighting style, using the basics of fishman karate and combining that with the use of her staff. For a while things where great again, though sometimes they would run into trouble. Word had quickly spread about her grand escape from Mariejois and in no time she was known throughout the grand line as Demon Shark Kyo Surudoiha. So sometimes bountyhunters would come after her, but those where always swiftly defeated. Aside from that it was a good life on the ship. Then disaster struck again. The captain became very ill. His contition deteriorated fastly and soon it became clear that he had only a short time left. In his last few days he gave Kyo his spyglass and log pose, making her promise to finish his work for him. After his death the crew disbanded and Kyo went further on her own. For the next two years she traveled around, doing research on devil fruits and carefully avoiding bountyhunters. That brings us to today.
Extra Information
Extra Clothing: It's not really clothing, but she owns a log pose and a bronze spyglass that she attaches to her hip with a special chain. Both items are only worn when she goes on one of her 'devil fruit quests'.
Extra Weapons: Who needs extra weapons when you have teeth that can bite through practically anything?

Relationships: [None.]

Rp Sample: Kyo gently traced the lined up books with her fingers. The strong smell of paper and dust prickled at her nose. She had stumbled upon this bookstore by accident and as she had some time to kill she'd decided to go inside. Until now she hadn't seen any noteworthy books in the store, but her captain always said that if you look closely you just might find a treasure among the trash. For a moment sadness gripped at her heart. The captain had been very good to her and she still missed him deeply. But Kyo quickly pushed those feelings away. It was no use to moarn over the past. Then her gaze fell on a praticular book. At first glance it didn't look like anything special. The thing was obviously very old. The leather in which the book was bound was cracked and torn, and the color had faded with the years as well. But what did manage to catch Kyo's attention was the book's title. First, because in was written in an ancient script. And second, because of what the title said. 'Logia Devil Fruits, A complete list'. Quickly she snatched the book from it's shelf and went to pay for it. On the outside she appeared as composed as ever, but on the inside she was bursting with happiness. As she walked out of the store with her new book tightly held to her chest she swore she could heard her camptain saying; “ I told you to look closely, didn't I Jawsie?" And in a rare moment, Kyo truly smiled.

Special Skills

Name: Akkizame no waza, or art of the demon shark ( Akkizame for short)
Description: Her own, self invented fighting style which takes strong elements from both fishman karate and Bojutsu (fighting with staffs). Basically she uses the staff as an enhancement of he original attack to make the blows more clean and precise. It's quite a powerful fighting style, but it still needs some perfecting.

Name: Shark Physiology
Description: Asside from traits shared by all fishmen, such as superhuman strength and the ability to breath underwater, Kyo also has her own personal characteristics that match her individual species. Namely her ability to detect electric impulses and vibrations while underwater, the ability to regrow her teeth, and a bite force of almost two tons per square inch.

Name: Scientific knowledge
Description: Kyo posesses great intelligence and has a proficient knowledge of varous scientific subjects such as marine biology, navigation, history and culture. She is also capable of deciphering different ancient scripts. This knowledge can be quit handy during certain situations.

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Kyo Surudoiha (finished)
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