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 Corleon of the Guiding Light

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PostSubject: Corleon of the Guiding Light   Corleon of the Guiding Light EmptyFri Jul 20, 2012 8:13 pm

Basic Information

Name: Corleon
Nickname/Alias:Leon, The Guiding light, The White Lion, The Silver Lion.

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height:6 foot 1inch
Weight: 210lbs

Affiliation:N/A until I join a crew.
Rank: A

Personal Information
Vessel:N/A until I join a Crew.
Hometown: [What town you are from originally]

Physical Description: Leon has a lean yet slender build.His extreme muscle tone usually isn't noticed until his shirt is ripped or taken off. His body is riddled with scars from years of fighting and training in strange situations. His hair is black and medium length, just long enough to brush his shoulders and usually a bit messy as he believes brushing your hair is for women. His eyes are dark brown and almost slits, usually displaying a inner easiness in any situation. While he uses to the his Fruit abilities to their full extent, his hair turns white and his eyes black and gleaming gold.

Clothing:Leon usually wears a long white coat with a black undershirt. On the back of the coat the Kanji for hope is written. His pants are slender withe dress pants with barely visible light grey pen stripes. his shoes are white dress shoes that gleam light off of them and have very tough souls. He always wears a blue scarf and will never let it out of his sight.

Leon normally

With full activation of fruit


Personality Leon is vary laid back and hard to anger. He will see different side of situations and put himself in others shoes before making any decisions, he believes that there is a reason behind choices people make. However, he will always protect and fight for his nakama as the need arises. Good Nakamas are hard to come by, but once the friendship is made it is hard to break it. Leon is kind to all and tries to help those in need. His encounters with the navy have left a bad taste in his mouth and he mostly thinks of them as corrupt and mean to those they "protect", this does not stop him from being able to respect those who do uphold their duty and are kind to those who they serve. Leon is known to no hold back until he can see the opponent is truly beaten or yields. Leon will leaving killing as an absolute last resort and will restrain from it as much as he can.

New places
new people
making people laugh
the sun
Fun fights
waking up early to train


Corrupt authority figures
Loud people
Killing for no reason
Unreasonable acting

History [The entire history of your character. Make this respectable people.]

Extra Information

Extra Weapons:Leon carries a medium sized knifed called a kerambit. The kerambit or gerambi is a narrow-bladed curved weapon resembling the claw of big cats. It is held by inserting the first finger into the hole in the handle, so that the blade curves from the bottom of the fist. Although usually wielded singly they may also be paired. Not only are they difficult to disarm, the kerambit is also easily hidden on account of its compact size. This concealability was the main reason for the weapon's fame. Leon has a curved knife resembling a talon.

Rp Sample: This is an RP sample from another site I am on. I am Gabriel on this topic.


Special Skills

Name: Martial Artist (Silat)

Description: Through many years of training and dedication, Leon has become and adept in the Sialt Martial Art form and has become quit physically imposing even without the use of his devil fruit. It uses strnage angle to attack joints along with vital ares with knives and any other sharp objects.

Devil Fruit: Pika Pika No Mi ( Glint Glint Fruit)

Devil Fruit Control: - Turns the user into a "Glint Human," capable of turning their body into, controlling, and generating a blinding light. Along with building constructs out of light. The user of this power can turn his boy into an intangible Light form of himself for one post with a one post cool down, along with Teleporation abilities and the ability to create constructs out of pure generated light that are equivalent to the strength of steel at A rank, each rank below = a rank below in material. Light can be concentrated into beams and shot out to cause burns and even pierce metal at the highest of ranks(s and z) At A rank it can catch wood on fire and cause major burns. The user can also empower strikes with light energy to exert more force and even create burns with higher ranks (A and up) lower rank just double his strength without burns. All of these are limited to the control the user has over the fruit's powers through the attaining of abilities. At lower ranks, the user has the lower levels of these abilities at his command.

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PostSubject: Re: Corleon of the Guiding Light   Corleon of the Guiding Light EmptySun Jul 22, 2012 6:47 am

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Jomei Michio

Jomei Michio

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PostSubject: Re: Corleon of the Guiding Light   Corleon of the Guiding Light EmptySat Jul 28, 2012 8:59 am

I suggest a limiter as to how long you can be intangible or how many times you can use it, 'cause if you're intagible for a whole fight topic then I would consider that god modding since nothing would hit you and give others a fair chance.. But other than that you've got my approval too Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Corleon of the Guiding Light   Corleon of the Guiding Light Empty

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Corleon of the Guiding Light
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