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 Sumaru (WIP)

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PostSubject: Sumaru (WIP)   Sumaru (WIP) EmptyTue Jun 12, 2012 11:03 am

Basic Information
Name: Sumaru Shokubutsu
Nickname: Yellow Eye

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Height: 5 foot 11
Weight: 10 Stone

Affiliation: None he is a freelancer working for the highest bidder be it the navy or a pirate crew
Rank: B

Personal Information
Vessel: none
Hometown: He was born at Water 7

Physical Description: Sumaru is tall and quite slender and toned. He has blonde hair and yellow eyes making him stick out in most crowds

Clothing: He wears a white shirt along with an light brown jacket, he also wears black trousers on his legs along with brown boots on his feet


Sumaru is always calm cool and collected durring any situation. Often he can come accross as quite a hard nut who dosnt realy care about anyone but underneath his exterior he is actually quite kind hearted and caring about those around them and displays this every so often when they are in trouble. He is also intelligent using this skill to his advantage when he has to

Pirate Belief:
Likes: Sake, coffee, nice scenery and those who express themselves and are not fake

Dislikes: He doesnt like people staring at him as he looks quite different to most of the people around him due to his hair and eyes to match. He also dislike salot of people taking on one person or a few as he has quite a sence of fareness when taking on opponents

Durring his child hood he traveled alot with his Marine mother who kept him training essentially making his childhood a living hell due to her expectations. Over the years he continued traveling on various marine ships never realy having a place to call home

devil fruit history:

Once his mother had died he was offered a position within the Marines but as he had grown up with the pain of his mothers training and the regimes of the Marine way of life that never allowed him to be himself never mind have fun. he left the ship at the nearest island declaring that if wish to utalise his abilities they will simply have to seek him out and have a payment so large that he would be a fool to refuse it.

Shortly after leaving the marine ship he began working as a freelancer working for the highest bidder. For the marines he tracked down pirates and for the pirates he killed marines. After a while even bounty hunters began hiring him to hunt down those with pricy bounties on their heads.
It was often heard that he would even change his aligance in the middle of a fight due ro his initial opponent 'flashing the cash' offering him a higher bid for his servics. Wether this is true or nit is still a mistery to many as those who kbow the name yellow eye tend to avoid him due to his reputation. Those who do not wish to avoid him generally desire to hire hin for his unique services.
Not showing his aligance to anyone but the highest bidder has caused the marines great trouble trying to re-recruit him before pirates manage to draw him onto their crew

Living his life like this for many years he has become accustomed to working for others and finds it blissful compared to the Marine lifestyle that he grew up resenting

Extra Information
Extra Clothing: A large black cape that he uses for the more obscure missions he is hired for
The cape covering most of his face to hide his distinguishing features that tend to give hin away in no time. It also entirely covers his body hiding even too his very boots

Extra Weapons: x2 daggers that are consealed within his boots along with the sword that he keeps around his waist
The daggers made of steel are small but deadly. Normally he will use them for throwing and do so with deadily accuracy. The handy little tools are plain and rather boring to look at

Relationships: You hire you get one Razz other than for Beli he is straight

Rp Sample:
Sumaru walks into a small town in the east blue draped in a black cloak heading straight for the tavern. entering he sits down and orders a glass of sake. Uppon entering he dertrmines that most of the customers are locals with a small pirate crew being rather loud in the corner. Looking he sees that this isnt the one that he was hired to capture. Refering to the pirates bounty it is rather close to the one he is hired for.
He figures that if he is unable to locate the one that he is after that this one will do and if he does manage to find it this one will prove to be spare cash for him. Drinking for a while he pays the Taverl owner as he watches the pirates make their way out of the tavern. Swiftly following behind he follows him to path leading to the docks.

"Oi" he calls to the captain. The brute of a man turns looking rather drunk "what do you want kid" he snarls at Sumaru as he staggers a little. "Your bounty... but looks like your too drunk to be any fun" Sumaru says as he raises his head displaying his yellow eyes and a small grin on his face. The pirate roars with laughter but cuts himself off as soon as he notices Sumaru's yellow eyes "Yellow Eye" he growls grabing a boulder throwing it at Sumaru.

Sumaru quickly drops himself to the ground kicking the boulder off course while reaching into his boot for a dagger. Once he had kicked the boulder he spins on the ground flicking the dagger at the Pirate. The pirate obviously too drunk to react properly goes to move but the dagger penetrates his clothing sinking directly into his right lung.

The pirate sinks to the ground gasping for breath and his crew run off; Sumaru walks over "well looks like it was your lucky day, i was aiming for your heart" he says as he yanks his dagger from the man's chest causing him to roar in pain. Sumaru binds his hands and feet then proceeding to grab his neck dragging him to the nearest station where he can collect the man's bounty

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Posts : 145
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PostSubject: Re: Sumaru (WIP)   Sumaru (WIP) EmptyThu Jun 14, 2012 6:59 am


Special Skills

Name: Sword Master
He can wield a blade as though it is an extension of his own arm

Name: Tactitian
His sharp mind makes him able to tacticlly outwhit opponents

Devil Fruit:

Devil Fruit Control:
Durring his time wielding his devilfruit abilities he has been able to gain the 2nd stage of his devilfruit controll (see description in above link)

The Sword:

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Sumaru (WIP)
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