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 Bellomont. (WIP)

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PostSubject: Bellomont. (WIP)   Bellomont. (WIP) EmptyFri Oct 05, 2012 10:52 am

Basic Information

Name: Bellomont.
Nickname/Alias: "Turn-cloak"

Age: Twenty-six.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.

Height: Six feet and three inches.
Weight: One-hundred and ninety-nine pounds.

Affiliation: Bellomont Pirates.
Rank: Captain.

Personal Information
Vessel: None.
Hometown: Purrugu Island, West Blue.

Physical Description: His hair is thick and wavy, reaching near his shoulders. It's color is eye catching, shimmering a bountiful yellow. For the most part, Bellomont's features are symmetrical, one could go as far to call him handsome. Though there is a twinge of wickedness about him, often shown through his mocking smile. A tall figure, standing at six feet and three inches. Most of weight is muscle, possessing a thick neck and heavily toned arms. He weighs one-hundred and ninety-nine pounds.
Clothing: Bellomont, being a native of the West Blue, possesses a certain style that is common to the region. Having an almost Western motif about him. His hat is styled after a traditional cowboy hat, though it's brim is heavily curved upward. The hat is light-brown and has the texture of leather. Bellomont is fond of sunglasses, always seen in his token aviator glasses. Regardless of weather, he is always in his hoodie. It's a grey jacket, inlaid with some yellowish fur. Underneath is a black t-shirt with the words "Testify" written in indigo across his chest. This can be easily seen for his hoodie is never zipped up properly. Bellomont's pants are very typical for West Blue natives, faded blue linen with a brown belt through it's loops. On his right hip, attached to his belt is his Wakizashi. His boots resemble those of a cowboy, possessing a high-heel and a sharp point.
Picture: None.

Personality Bellomont is a menacing figure, who seems to be only out for his own gain. A goal that once started out as revenge, has twisted into a grander scheme. He takes delight in manipulating others, and seems heavily focused on ruling the world. After defecting from the World Government, he has claimed himself a pirate, attempting to control the world for himself. While his direction is pointed towards the new world, Bellomont has little interest in One Piece. Believing that One Piece is nothing more than hoax, thought up by the former Pirate king to lure others to the sea. While he believes this, he still wishes to rule the seas. Bellomont has vast interests, from other pirates to the workings of the world government.


History Life for Bellomont started out on a humble island in the West Blue. Raised by his two parents, both were shopkeepers, owning a small general store on Purrugu Island. They were meek people, but ambitious enough to pick up on the coming of a new pirate age. Making large profits from exchanges with pirates, selling food, and weapons when they had the chance. They sought an education for their son, enrolling him in local schools, and often going the extra mile to help him with his works. The memories of that time hang heavy in his mind, often looking back on his parents with gratitude and love.

In his free time, Bellomont worked with his parents at the family store. Stated by his father, Bellomont's primary job was "Counting pennies". Learning to work the store budget, and study which items brought the most revenue. A helpful skill that would no doubt serve a purpose in his future. According to Bellomont, his favorite part about working at the store was the free candy, sneaking around behind his parents back to snag candies from the shelves.

Eventually though, something bad was bound to happen. If you trade with pirates long enough, someone is likely to intervene, and that is what happened. What day it happened on, Bellomont cannot remember. Though one thing he can still pull from his mind, was the weather. That day, of all days in his life was astoundingly beautiful. Sun beaming in the sky and not a cloud in sight. His father had sent him on some trivial errand, hashing out some simpleton trade with a local fisherman. On returning with a cart full of goods, Bellomont found his family's shop burned to the ground. Staked out side of the property were two flags, one of the World Government and the other a Marine flag. Later he would come to find his parents burned remains among the ashes. While just a boy, he saw to their burial. Tears pouring from his eyes as he dug their graves.

Revenge was heavy on his mind, but even as a boy he knew it wasn't going to an easy task. There were all sorts of men out in the world, pirates, revolutionaries, and even marines. Though they all had their own agenda, pirates were the worst of them. Plundering and pillaging, too busy fighting among themselves to ever accomplish anything. Though it was a romantic life, doing what and when you pleased it. Revolutionaries seemed to have it right. The people who wanted real change, though he was just a boy and he wouldn't have known were to start looking for the them. It was a hard decision to make, but if he wanted revenge there was only one route, Marines.

Bellomont joined the Marines as a choreboy, working under a Lieutenant named, Yadi. Here he got the begging of his physical training, harsh as it was. The Marines quickly took notice of his ambition and knowledge, moving the boy to a logistics division. Supply and demand, something the boy already knew about. After a few years in his fledgling period, then a couple more as an Ensign, the higher ups took notice of his skill.

The Government officials, requested his resignation from the Marines. Offering him a secretarial position to one of the higher ups. Graciously the young Marine accepted. His once plan of revenge through murder had changed, as a boy he dreamed of killing off the marines and government. Though he saw, now as a man, that there were other ways to hurt people. At his new position, Bellomont was allotted a vast amount of resources. The man he was a secretary for, named Shishu, was charged with maintaining order in the World Governments assets and debts. He was obviously a intelligent person for being able to balance everything in their budget was a cumbersome chore. Bellomont grew to respect the official(he was almost reminiscent of his father), but always kept his true intentions hidden.

After secretly gathering information about the World Government's funds, Shishu caught on to him. Eventually confronting him, catching Bellomont with various paperwork that he had no business dealing with(AKA: Information on various Super-weapons). This soon let to a physical altercations, Bellomont having to cut down Shishu. Fleeing with what information he could.

Bellomont now roams the seas with the intent to rule as the Pirate King. Though he seems to have little interest in One Piece, rather controlling the people upon the seas.

Extra Information
Extra Clothing: None.
Extra Weapons: Wakizashi & Pistol.

Relationships: [Any relationships before the rp starts that your character may have with another character being rped.]

Rp Sample: [A sample of how you rp.]
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PostSubject: Re: Bellomont. (WIP)   Bellomont. (WIP) EmptyTue Oct 09, 2012 6:48 pm

Is this done?
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Bellomont. (WIP)
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